Our Annual Meeting has been reschedule to August 27th, 2020

First Lincoln FCU


Whether you're saving for short or long-term objectives, we have the savings solutions to meet your goals with competitive rates.  Pay yourself first with direct deposit and payroll deduction!

Share Savings Accounts (00)

  • Required for All FLFCU Members
  • Must Maintain $5.00 Minimum Balance For Membership Purposes
  • Multi-Tiered Dividends Paid & Compounded Monthly

* If your account balance falls below $100.00 during any month, your account will be subject to a withdrawal fee of $1.00 per withdrawal for that month. For example, your account drops below $100.00 during March. You withdrew funds each Friday that month. Your service charges deducted April 1st are $4.00 ($1.00 x 4 withdrawals).

Holiday Club Accounts (04)

  • Save for the Holidays Throughout the Year
  • No Fees for Withdrawals During October, November, & December

**  Holiday accounts subject to $2.00 service fee per withdrawal if balance drops below $100.00 during any month.

Multiple Savings Accounts (03,05,07)

  • Suited to Meet All of Your Special Needs
  • Save for Vacations, a New Car, Escrow Funds, Child's Education, and More

Money Market Accounts (76)

  • Multi-Tiered Dividends Paid & Compounded Monthly
  • $1,000 Minimum (Service Fee on Accounts Below $1,000)

Youth Savings Accounts (Early Bird Savings)

  • For Youth, Ages 12 Years & Younger
  • Benefit from Special Promotions Just for Young Savers
  • Pick a Prize from our Treasure Box with Each Deposit of $1.00 or More
  • Website Specifically For Young Savers